What is FTPS?

FTPS stands for File Transfer Protocol over SSL

What is FTPS4TC?

A file system plugin for Total Commander which allows secure FTP sessions. This is similar to the SecureFTP Plugin which is based on the SFTP subsystem of SSH.

Why (another) plugin for FTP?

Swiss export restrictions prohibit extending Total Commander's FTP support to include Secure Connections. This plugin allows you to combine the power of Total Commander with the security of OpenSSL. FTPS is a simple enhancement of the classic FTP protocol, which requires only that your FTP Server supports SSL. SFTP on the other hand requires SSH with the SFTP subsystem. The choice is yours!

Project Status

Work continues on this project, slowly but surely! The plugin is now functional and can be used to connect and transfer files securely to an FTP Server. The project makes use of frameworks and libraries such as ACE, TinyXML and WxWindows. We aim to keep the FTPS4TC project standards based, to ensure platform independence.