Building from Source

Please follow these instructions in order to check out the latest sources and build your own FTPS4TC Plugin.

(1) Install openssl

(2) Install ACE, the last one in the "Latest Beta Kit" table -
Create an environment variable ACE_ROOT to point at the base directory of ACE e.g. e:\ace_wrappers

(3) Install wxWidgets.
Create an environment variable WXWIDGETS to point at the base directory of wxWidgets e.g. c:\wxwindows

(4) Install tinyxml

(5) Please follow the instructions outlined here to get the latest FTPS4TC sources.
Create an environment variable FTPS4TC to point at the base directory of FTPS4TC sources e.g. c:\ftps4tc

(6) Run ACE patch
The patch program itself comes with cygwin
In a DOS shell do this:

cd %ACE_ROOT%/ace/ssl/
patch -p3 <%FTPS4TC%/src/ace_ssl.patch

(7) Open the Project File, plugin_ftps.dsw, for Microsoft Visual Studio 6 in the src/vc6 directory.